Sewer Collapses

Sewer Collapse?

During our years in the industry, we have encountered numerous collapsed drains and sewers. All collapsed drain repairs are tackled with professionalism and efficiency.

Collapsed Drain Repairs

We carry out excavations to provide collapsed drain repairs. This service is often required following a drain or sewer collapse, or when there has been extensive leaking. A collapsed sewer can cause disruption for you, your family and the general public. Once a collapsed sewer has been diagnosed, we aim for as little disruption as possible, utilising no-dig repairs where possible and returning the affected area to its original state as best we can.

What causes a collapsed drain?

Broken Drains can cause frequent blockage and disrupt the entire drainage system and if water is continuously lost into the ground, it can result in subsidence.

Tree Root Damage

When trees grow near the drainage system, the roots can grow into the drains and cause them to break or crack. While rodding and using chemicals to kill the root can help to a certain extent, the best solution is to remove the tree from the vicinity of the pipe and get a new line installed. It’s obvious that root invasion will just continue to get worse with time and over a prolonged period, it can easily cause the pipeline to collapse. If this is an issue, speak to us about our root-cutting service.

Normal Wear and Tear

Drain pipes can also collapse due to heaving, settling of the earth or the building, or due to age. This is common in older buildings and structures where ageing pipes often collapse due to deterioration of the pipe material. Once the drainage pipe collapses, the only solution is to locate the collapsed section and have it completely replaced.

Freezing and Thawing

Another reason for collapsed drains is freezing and thawing. The ground contains water; this water freezes and expands during winter, causing the ground to heave upwards. The ground thaws during spring, causing the earth to settle down. This cycle of freezing and thawing can cause the underground pipeline to sag, and after some time, it can result in a complete collapse.

Signs of a Collapsed Drain

The usual signs of a blocked drain apply to a collapsed drain. Any slow-running drains, unpleasant smells or gurgling sounds should be a cause for concern. But there are other signs that are specific to collapsed drains:

  • the slow-running drain isn’t isolated to one fixture. If this is affecting multiple fixtures then it is likely to be an issue with the main drain.
  • sinking ground could indicate that the sewer beneath the surface has shifted
  • waterlogged ground or fast-growing areas of grass. A severely collapsed sewer will allow water to enter the soil, either causing the ground to become waterlogged or for grass above the collapse to grow much faster.

Solution for Collapsed Sewers

If a drain collapses, professional assistance from an expert drainage company becomes essential. Collapsed drain repair is not a DIY project. Instead, a professional will check the extent of the damage and recommend a remedial measure. Fixing collapsed drains requires expertise, special skills and tools that most simply don’t have. Typically, the ground would have to be excavated to find out the extent of the damage. The drainage company would only then get an idea about the extent of the damage, and the things needed for the repair work. Usually, the only solution for a collapsed drain is to replace the broken and collapsed pipes.

CCTV Drain Survey

Today, the most efficient and reliable drainage companies make use of CCTV drain surveys. This method of checking drainage is much more cost-effective and is one of the best ways to conduct an inspection, without having to carry out a potentially unnecessary excavation.

In CCTV drain surveys, a probe with a camera is inserted into the pipeline. The probe is attached to a monitor, which the drainage company crew uses for seeing images from inside the drain. The probe is flexible and can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows the crew to ascertain the extent of the damage and the areas where the drainage has collapsed. Not only does this minimise the amount of excavation that needs to be done, but it also is a much faster and easier way to identify the damage.

The crew then excavates the areas where the collapse has occurred and makes the necessary replacements, thereafter. If you suspect a collapsed drain in your home or within your business premises, call a drainage company to identify the problem and carry out the remedial work.

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